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  1. Theresa Butler

    Dear Mandy

    I would like to purchase two of your books not sure how I do that saw the article in Sunday mirror couple of weeks ago

    Kind Regards.

    Theresa Butler

  2. The Little Story Telling Company

    Dear Theresa, I am so sorry I have just seen your comments on the forum. Did you managed to get copies of the books? If not let me know I and would be happy to send you out some books in the post. You can order them from this site by going to the books page, clicking on “The DNA Detectives – To Catch a Thief” and then on the “buy” icon.

    Best wishes, Mandy

  3. Lorna Stevenson

    I’m trying to download the weblinks for The Smuggler’s Daughter from your website, but when I click on the link, it takes me to the weblinks document for To Catch a Thief.

  4. Sophie

    Hi Dr. Hartley,

    We are looking to teach your book ‘The DNA detectives – To Catch A Thief’ across an English and Science Scheme of Learning for Year 7 in a secondary school. This means we need to order 200 copies of the book. Could you please advise the best way to do this?

    Many thanks,
    Sophie Strachan

  5. Paula Batty

    We joined you for the amazing DNA Detectives session for British Science week, but our link went down when you were extracting the DNA. I thought it was mentioned that instructions were on the website, but I don’t seem to be able to find it. I would love to do this with my class, so please could you point me in the right direction. Many thanks


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