The DNA Detectives – The Stone Age Mystery


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“The DNA Detectives – The Stone Age Mystery”

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This is the third book in the “DNA Detectives” series. The story is based on a famous five style adventure where the characters use DNA to solve a crime. In addition to the exciting storyline readers will learn about DNA, cells, forensic science, archaeology and the Stone Age.

The adventure starts when Annabelle and Harry decide to change their library books in the school library. There is a loud noise and the ground in the corridor begins to shake. It feels like the school is falling down. When the dust settles the children discover the hall has collapsed and they discover a cave underneath their school. The children are thrilled to think they are the first people to ever step foot in the cave. But then the most incredible discovery leads them to believe this might not be the case! And so, their adventure begins!

Join the children on another adventure for “the DNA Detectives” as they meet archaeologists and scientists who help them unravel the mysteries of the Stone Age. Discover about cave paintings, extracting DNA from ancient bones, finding out how tartar from ancient teeth can tell us what someone looked like, what they ate and even what made them poorly! Of course, no adventure would be complete without a modern-day crime to solve which once again sees them becoming forensic scientists. Can you help them solve the Stone Age mystery?

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