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Free to download interactive and impactful stories for fun and education.


With my degree in Pathology and PhD I have created amazing interactive workshops.


I have published several amazing books to date that you can buy directly from me here.

About the Little Story Telling Company

My name is Mandy Hartley and I am the founder of “The Little Story Telling Company”. I am passionate about science, storytelling and working with children.

I am in a very unique position that I have over 15 years experience working in genetics and I am also a mum. I know how to explain complicated concepts to children in a visual way which they can understand. I also know how to engage children and get them to enter into a story or workshop with me so they get the very best out of that opportunity.

I create stories and communicate them to children in a multi-sensory way including elements to stimulate listening, smell, taste, sight and sounds as well as their as their imagination! Where possible I include scientific experiments in my stories finding entertaining ways to explain difficult scientific concepts such as natural selection, inheritance and evolution to children.

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My Books

Here are some of my published books available to buy directly from me here!